Things Your Rescue Friends Will Do

The blog is busy again rescue friends, after a brief hiatus it’s good to be back!. Place for Cats is busier than ever and your help, donations and support are all appreciated and absolutely essential for our survival as a foster network.

We have been thinking about our rescue friends and supporters and how, like other cat lovers, you are there at important times.

A Rescue Friend will:

They will step up when you need to participate in an auction, or fundraiser. Friends may donate items, share organising skills, bid on items themselves or share like demons on your behalf. They will do their best to make sure you fund a cat’s urgent treatment, or that vital kitten formula. They may not know you in real life but, if you have long-standing online friendships. This is trust.

Be there for you when you lose fur family or a human family or friend. They can help you through the tough times when you need to talk.  This is support.

Rescue friends will laugh at your jokes on Twitter or Facebook, they will squeeee at your cute kitten pictures, even if they have seen and heard it a dozen times before, with grace and limitless patience. This is friendship

They will not judge you by what you feed your kitty. We all love premium brands for their quality and positive support of the feline world, and would love the world to eat nothing but that. BUT a cat loved and cared for on Meow Mix stands shoulder to shoulder with a cat fed on raw or a premium brand as a cat who is loved. Your friends know this, this is friendship.

Rescue friends will not judge you by the colour of your fur, or the number of paws you walk upon, or the number of eyes and ears you have. You may be a pedigree, a stray, a feral or a rescue – to your online buddies, you are a friend.

If you have any more things your online rescue friends do for your life, let us know! we’d love to hear from you!

Marjorie for
Place for Cats
Rescue Friends