Below you will find some of our applications and contracts for prospective adopters and foster parents.

Applications to Download

Adoption Application (for downloading)

Adoption Contract (for downloading)

Foster Agreement (for downloading)

How do I qualify for adoption?

Thank you for considering adoption! If you are interested in adopting from Place for Cats, please download the Adoption Application from the link above, complete the form, and email the completed form to [email protected] to be considered.

What is the No-Declaw clause?

Declawing is a euphemism for the devastatingly painful surgery of paw tip amputation (amputation of the first joints) and that often paw amputation results in lifelong behavioral problems such as biting, hiding and urinating and defecating out-of-box because use of the paws to cover litter becomes forever associated with excruciating pain. No other country permits veterinarians to perform the excruciating paw tip amputation. Adopters agree to treat our cats humanely and never undertake such procedures.