Dumped Cats Overwhelm

We are getting upwards of 50 calls a week from people looking to dump their pet cats. This is desperate for the cats because people are not willing to tackle the challenges arising from cat ownership.

What Place for Cats Is

Place for Cats is a very small network of a handful of foster homes with an extremely modest budget. Put simply, we lack:

  • Time,
  • Homes,
  • Money,
  • and Resources…..

to adequately to take on the multitude of cats being dumped by families and individuals at this moment in time.

LINK: Major Article on Cats and How to Reduce Euthanasia

For the time being, we have temporarily disconnected our telephone.

For those looking to seriously adopt or relay information about a specific cat in need, please email: [email protected].

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Most Dumped Cat Issues Can Be Solved

If You Try

Did you know that there is a helpline that might help you resolve stressful issues? The ASPCA Covid 19 Pet Hotline has ended BUT

If you want help in solving your CAT’S BEHAVIOR issue(s) at no charge, call cat behavior expert Matt Wildman at 347-938-7692. This is a free service. Be ready with your issues (write them down) and when you are given suggestions……..

Please be patient with your cat in these tough times

Write Them Down and Action Them

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor our email.

Thank you for your patience and may we urge you to be patient with your cat too. You may be under great stress because of the current pandemic, but your cat needs your help, as a member of your family.

Make checking out online help for issues a vital part of your cat support. Helping your cat will help you too.

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  1. Oh, WOW. I am truly honored you added a link to our post! I truly believe most cats can be kept in their homes – no matter the issue. I just wish more people knew where to go for help – and were willing to make the effort. You also have a new source of help for behavior that we’ll add to our post.

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