Tips To Make You the Perfect New Cat Parent

Place for Cats loves a new cat parent so welcome to our post – preparation for owning a cat 101!

Owning a cat for the first time is both exciting and a little scary for every new family. While browsing you may have fallen in love with one of our Petfinder kitties, but you are not sure you are up to the job. You feel a little bit nervous. What do you do? Let us help.

A great first step is a no-obligation Meet and Greet with one of our foster families. This is the perfect introduction to a prospective fur family member!  Our fosters are happy to allow more than one visit to make sure you find the perfect cat for you.

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Ready for the Cat Parent Low Down?

Give your home a quick safety check

Amongst the things a cat owner should know is ‘home security‘.

Check that all your household cleaners, chemicals and plants are out of cat reach. If you are unsure about a plant, look it up online to make sure its safe to have around your new cat.

Preparing Any Pets You Have Now

Introducing an new pet into an established family home needs to be done with a bit of care. Keep the newbie in their own space and introduce smells from each pet before opening a door and allowing a meet and greet. Be patient these things take time and care taken now means a peaceful home later on. We may be talking a few hours or a few days – new friends have no timetable.

Another question you might ask is how long does it take a cat to adjust to new home? This depends – and again patience is key here. Don’t pressurise and your new family member will find it easier to adapt to a new home. Moving a cat to a new owner can be traumatic but with your loving care things will be smoothly.

  • If you have any issues with your Place for Cats adoptee get in touch, we are always here to help.

Buy Your Supplies Ahead of Time

Place for Cats will tell you what you need to have in your home, should this be your first cat. Things like a litter box, collar, food bowls for kibble/meat and for water.

Tiger Rescued by Place for Cats
You did get me a new litter tray – right?

Stock up on Quality Food

The kitten/cat may have been eating a specific food at the rescue. This is often special kitten kibble but confirm with the foster what kind of food so you can continue to feed the same. This will avoid digestive mishaps and give a touch of familiarity in a new home.

Enrol Your Cat with a Veterinarian

Cats need to go for one annual check up and any shots your state requires. Please do not neglect this important annual event.

Litter Training

You will find that, thanks to our amazing fosters, cats and kittens are litter trained. If you need any help get in touch with Place for Cats because there is no shame in needing help. We are here to help. Do not abandon a cat due to litter box issues. This is tragically common and unnecessary. We can always help.

Cats Need Exercise

Many cats in the USA are indoor only and as such their wellbeing is in your hands and their active paws. Cats love wand toys like:

CatNip TOys

The Best Part of being a Pet Parent?

As well as toys, you need to spend some simply being your cat’s companion and interacting with them on a daily basis. Oh and yes you can talk to your cat, and no-one will think your crazy! Engagement and enrichment are what both you and your cat need.

If you need any help, we are happy to answer questions, especially if you make an appointment to visit one of our cats and their lovely foster parents.

So, do you think you are ready for a kitty in the family? Do you have a favourite cat parenting tip that meant a lot to you? Let us know, in fact why not take a peek at our PetFinder kitties right now.

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