Five Ways to Spoil Your Cats!

Spoil your cat this summer? You bet so lets make this snappy and seasonal with five ways to spoil your cats before summer really hits! Your  cats, your  fosters or your  community cats!

Place for Cats Summer Post

We all know that cats are versatile and adaptable. BUT they need as much care as humans do in the run up to the height of summer. This means remembering some common sense but important tips:-

  • Premium quality food cat food with water (if you serve kibble) Budget a bit tight? Try a small bag and use it as treats. Try to get something relevant like senior: kitten or oral care for teeth. Royal Canin or Nutro are favourites of our friends.
  • Plenty of water in bowls or fountains. Change the water daily for bowls.
  • Keep cats cool so they can have the most fun ever with you at play time! Shade is vital.
  • Maybe a silly one but…..
  • Put cats in your Will No, I am not kidding. Make sure your Will is watertight to ensure your beloved cat do not get dumped in a rescue without love and care if anything happens while you are on vacation.The alternative is too dreadful to discuss but think ACC and Kill shelters and you get the idea…..

More to think about this Summer

  • Spoil your local Community Cats and their carers. A local community colony may not be a pet but does deserve to be spoiled. Alley Cat Allies summer weather tips are great.
  • Tell Us You Love Us. When you get stressed with family during holiday time, on bad days when things get tough, turn to us cats. Our love has no bounds, our fur is soft, and we forgive!

OK get busy, spoil a cat today, but don’t stop there, just keep going – spoiling never hurt anyone 😉

Are you ready to spoil one of Place for Cats fosters? Or to donate to help them get the best of care?

Marjorie for
Place for Cats