In Loving Tribute – Meya Stark

At no point did any of the several vets who saw Meya Stark between October and March have a diagnosis for the ever-flowing bright green mucous discharge that none of the antibiotics alleviated. For nearly 5 months, wiping her nose every 15 minutes - and not just of droplets but of gobs of the stuff - became a way of life.

Her frail body was generating a quarter cup or more of the green discharge every day. Finally, it was deduced it must be cancer in the sinus cavity since even the strongest antibiotics did not stop it. More diagnostics to confirm that, beyond everything performed earlier on that revealed the stage 4 renal failure and damaged diaphragm, would not have mattered since at no time was Meya Stark strong enough to withstand cancer treatments.

Despite eating like a horse the special meals of freshly cooked turkey or chicken every day (the only meals she liked,) Meya Stark lost more and more weight. By last week she weighed less than 2 pounds, down from the 3 pounds she weighed when Place For Cats pulled her from death row in late October.

Meya Stark In Loving Memory

Only her longer fur gave the illusion she wasn’t skeletal. It took 100 tries to avoid capturing the gaunt, weak kitty that she was in the end, but at last I was able to get a final photo that captured Meya Stark's indelible spirit, feline wisdom, inner strength and physical beauty. Meya Stark was dainty and polite. Her eyes were beautiful and expressive. There was a quiet intelligence that never left her.

In loving tribute to MEYA STARK.
Birthdate Unknown to March 13, 2019

But like a 100-year-old person whose mental faculties are present but whose body entirely gives up, Meya Stark’s body finally gave in. Her last two days were filled only with bloody urine, bloody unformed stool, disinterest in eating, inability to walk without stumbling and inability even to crawl up onto her favorite spot on the bed. The end had arrived.

Meya Stark and I went to CityVet where Dr. Amelia Kahn had prepared a soft, comfy bed for her last procedure. Meya Stark was tired and made no last big show of strength, as many cats do. I kissed her and held her till she entered Heaven.

Place For Cats is too small to take on hospice cats; normally we've 20 - 25 felines spread among just a handful of fosters. Had I understood that she would require palliative care and would not be adoptable, it is probable that our organization wouldn’t have pulled her, but it turned out that I am grateful for the privilege of having known Meya Stark and glad that I put absolutely everything else regarding Place For Cats and my personal life on the back burner to give her love and good care in her last months.

She was one of the most intelligent, dignified and affectionate cats I’ve known. I didn't just love her in the abstract as I love all cats. I came to love HER. And I miss her. Rest in peace, Meya Stark.

Mia Lancaster
Place for Cats