Rescues Can Be Unhappy…

Did you know that rescues can be unhappy sometimes? Really, they can, and you should know why this happens! For every solid gold supporter that gives, and supports, and loves cats, there are some who have no idea what rescues do, or about simple cat care.

Some pet owners think rescues ‘take it all on the chin’ for the love of the animals in their care; we all do, but many have a list of attitudes that breaks our hearts.  Let me share some things that make a cat rescue throw their hands in the air in despair. Some of the things that people do are prompted by genuine ignorance so, we set out below some of the things pet lovers and owners can do to make a real difference to a cat’s life, and a rescue’s day.

What rescues do not want from you, and how you can help


rescues can be LESS THAN HAPPY – General welfare

  • Looking at a cat like as a throwaway toy is a common misconception. A cat is a living breathing being, just like you. It feels pain, it has emotions.
  • Attempting to feed a cat a vegan or vegetarian diet – PLEASE DON’T. Here’s why – cats are obligate carnivores – this means they need to eat meat. Cats MUST take in 95% of their diet in animal protein to remain healthy. If you can’t accept this, we respectfully suggest a house rabbit, they love greens and will be the perfect vegetarian’s companion.
  • You want to Declaw? (1) If you are declawing to ‘save furniture’ rather than investing time to work with a veterinarian to clear up any issues – no real cat lover will condone your reasoning.
  • You want to Declaw (2) Women (and men) will suddenly decide to declaw a cat when the woman gets pregnant, even after swearing previously that they would never do it. There is no need on earth for you to take this course of action. There are many positive alternatives.
  • Thinking of dumping a cat at a rescue after a member of your family passes away? Did you know, cats are brutally dumped on the street, in woods, and by roadsides, by cowardly relatives of the deceased, or surrendered to a high kill shelter the day after Mom, or Dad dies. There are few things in the world more callous than this.
  • You believe cats survive on the streets on their own due to the ‘hunting instincts? This is a lie. Cats die daily on the streets from starvation and cold.

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  • Cats need to go to the vet. Yes, really they do! On an annual basis for general health checks and shots – just like a dog does. No cat lover should keep a cat for 10/15/20 years and not take it to the vet EVER.
  • Rescues do not like owners who notice something is wrong with their cat, but wait – and wait – and wait – AND WAIT until the cat is, literally, lying on the floor half-dead, before taking it to a vet,  If that’s not bad enough – they will then spend endless time telling a rescue how much they “love” their kitty.
  • If you have any doubts – take your cat to the vet before it’s too late.
  • The best is last! The insane suggestion that euthenasia is better than treatment – because it saves you the bother and stress of caring for your cat. Treatment can often be often relatively low cost and, with veterinary help, you can ascertain the possibility of a good and positive outcomes. This means your cat can often get well with a bit of medical care and your human conscience. Not be tossed out like a piece of garbage.

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For every horror listed here, there are hundreds of thousands of loving pet parents who go without essentials, new clothes, and even holidays to ensure their pet remains healthy and loved. These are not saints, these are ordinary hard working people who love their pets.

We can all make life better for companion animals ever day, Place for Cats pulls cats from New York’s animal control – they come in looking barely alive, but with the love of our great team of fosters they arr transformed into lively, loving and happy cats. You can check them out here on Petfinder – go and check them out.

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